No new memberships currently being accepted for the Hidden History Club. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

No new memberships currently being accepted for the Hidden History Club. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

If you love history or you know someone that does join today and receive this amazing collection of historical information, knowledge and fun reading:

Special new membership rates for October! Join today.

Join for 6 or 12 months and receive a FREE brand new history book from our library.

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12 Months: $159.00  + A FREE history book (only $13.25 per month)

What you get

And here’s why you’re going to love being a member.
A monthly professionally written, designed and printed publication mailed to your door.
Extra unique content such as posters, maps & more.
Every three months you’ll receive a genuine vintage magazine from our historic collection going back 70 years. (From Argosy to Vogue, Business Week to Woman’s World).
Every 6 months receive a brand new history book, often a best seller, hard or soft back-always a great read
A free storage box to keep your issues of Hidden History Club.
A monthly e-newsletter featuring some of the stories we couldn’t cover in the print issue-or the bits we had to leave out!
3/6/12 month membership packages are available.
There’s so much to read and enjoy all for the cost of a cup of coffee a week!
Join today and we’ll send your Welcome Pack immediately-no waiting.

What members and reviewers are saying about the Hidden History Club

"I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue!"

The bonus magazine was so entertaining, thanks very much for this treat.
Sherry M

"Wow! Super! I loved it!"

I had no idea about Fordlandia. And how cool the Brits are taking the time for tea during executions. I think it is very well done. It’s history that’s not known, or people know a little bit about, not in depth like it is in your presentation.
Jose L

"It looks so professional"

The first issue just received. It looks so professional and well produced. The extra map was really interesting. I’ll be showing this to my friends! Thanks!
Dave S

"Top Gift reviewer Rita from ‘Rita Reviews’ gives the Hidden History Club 5 stars:"

"It is just what a history buff would love. If my father was still alive this is the box, he would adore. He would love getting information on various things and learning more history".

Is Hidden History Club Worth the Price? In my opinion yes, it is more than worth it for what you are getting. It is reasonably priced. It can be sent anywhere in the world and you get a history on things you may not have already known.

Overall Rating: ”Overall I would say that Hidden History Club gets a 5 out of 5 rating. It was a great box for what it was. There isn’t any flash with this subscription, but it is all about the history. The fact that it comes with a storage box is something many will love. As I said I would give this as a gift to my father if I could. The Hidden History Club did an amazing job putting together a good box that gives you something you may not have seen before”.

"Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of the history club.
W J Smith

"What's not to enjoy?"

Just had to write and say how interesting I found the first issue, Pirates, Cars, Executioners, what’s not to enjoy!!?
Ben M

"Well put together"

Thanks for the first issue, it was well put together and a fun, informative read. Look forward to the next one.
Martin D

"Recommended by Dee / Gotta Love It "

"The Hidden History Club is a fun and engaging way to discover and uncover many of the most fascinating and often forgotten people and events of the past decades and centuries.

Your “Welcome Pack/First Issue” comes handsomely packaged in a see-through storage box and contains the latest issue of the Hidden History magazine, a poster and a quiz, with an authentic vintage magazine sent out once every three months.

Membership in The Hidden History Club is an affordable way to celebrate a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or other special event with a gift subscription".

"A special thank you "

Thank you My Subscription Addiction for including the Hidden History club in its '20 Unique Subscription Boxes and Gifts For History Lovers' AND Thank you Splash Magazines for including the Hidden History Club in its Father's Day Gift Guide 2021!

Thanks for a great review!

Thank you so much to Jessie Miller at Unboxings and More for reviewing one of our Subscription Boxes-lots of kind comments in her very thorough and comprehensive look at a typical Hidden History Club Box. Watch the full review opposite.

Hidden History Club members receive each month:

From anywhere in the World: Three, yes three in depth arti-cles illustrated and printed on high quality paper. Normally we’ll take stories from American, European and World History to cover a wide range of topics, but not always – we aim to surprise you.
But that’s just the start…. you get all this as well…
To accompany these three main articles you’ll receive enlightening and entertaining additional material that could in-clude copies or facsimiles of (depending on the articles):
Contemporary Newspaper Stories– just what were the headlines at the time this historic event occurred? What else was happening that was captivating people’s attention?
Old Maps of countries, cities, places that help explain and put the story you’re reading into context.
Old Photographs: of the people involved, the places, equipment, whatever helps illustrate the Hidden History Story.
A Quiz: Test your history knowledge in our specially created monthly quiz.
Pictures and Cartoons: were frequently used to illustrate and comment upon current events, we’ll find relevant and interesting ones.
Posters: for films, events and other activities can add depth and realism to past happen-ings.
A Famous Person’s Speech: commenting or reporting on a significant event-can enhance the understanding of any historic occasion.
Contemporary Facts, Figures and Trivia: What other not-so-important-but equally fascinating things were happening that make for a fun read?
Other Contemporary News, Information and Historical Memorabilia – that we know will add to your reading enjoyment.
Book Review: Each month we’ll highlight and review two interesting books about history that we think you’ll like to read. ​ ​
(Almost) Famous Forgotten Face: A quick biography of a past figure who discovered, created, or invented some-thing important that history has subsequently forgotten. ​ ​
PLUS. from our library of 1000’s of vintage magazines a free issue for you to read and discover what was making the news decades ago. ​ ​ ​
– A FREE Holder for all your copies of HHC to keep them in pristine condition. ​
– Every 6 months receive from our library a FREE history book, often a best seller, hard or soft back-always a great read.
– A FREE monthly e-newsletter with the latest fun and interesting history news.
There’s so much to read and enjoy for the cost of a cup of coffee a week!

Special October membership rates:

Join for 6 or 12 months and receive a FREE brand new history book from our library.
Printed version includes: Magazine and all complimentary content and other printed materials sent monthly to your door (US addresses):

(We can send the Hidden History Club print version anywhere in the World, for rates outside of the US please contact:

Monthly: $17.50 (auto-renew, cancel anytime)
3 months: $49.00 (only $16.30 per month)

6 months: $89.00 + A FREE history book (only $14.80 per month)

12 months: $159.00 + A FREE history book (only $13.25 per month)
Digital version only (Worldwide)
12 months $24.00: (12 issues) Digital only version of the magazine, also includes monthly e-newsletter. No printed magazine or other complimentary content that is included with print membership.